What Is Adult Foster Care?

With age comes a lot of tough decisions – one of which is what kind of care your elderly loved ones may be in need of. If you’d like to figure out the best option for them, consult with a professional in at home care massachusetts. If you want your loved one to have independence and avoid moving into a traditional nursing home or some other facility, consider adult foster care.

Adult Foster Care

Adult foster care can be defined as any kind of care that takes place in a home environment and is given to an adult. Many times, adult foster care refers to individuals with disabilities. However, the elderly population is growing and more options for quality care are needed for adult in their golden years. Daily activities that adult foster care professionals may provide assistance with include:

·    Preparing meals

·    Assisting adults with eating

·    Chores and other tasks that involve cleaning

·    Personal hygiene & grooming

·    Getting dressed

·    Getting up and down stairs

·    Walking

·    Running errands

·    Transportation to and from appointments

·    Managing medications

Adult foster care is different from assisted living or a nursing home in the structure of homes as well as the availability of staff.

Care at Home

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You or your loved one could get the care they need at home from trusted caregivers. It gives elderly individuals the independence needed to live a full life without making any sacrifices to their safety or their personal care. Adult foster care programs are a great option for individuals with conditions that worsen over time, such as Alzheimer’s disease. If you’d like your loved one to have a more personal level of care and maintain their independence, consider speaking with a professional about adult foster care programs in your state.